They’re beautiful, fun to hold in your hands, full of endless possibilities, and best of all — Haba Blocks Build Big Minds! Building a young mind? Pick up some blocks, simple blocks… Don’t underestimate or overlook the potential for your child’s mental development by passing up this basic. Delve in and you’ll get an idea of the merits of this classic play. Designed to progress a child’s understanding of solid object, area, line, and point in a natural way – blocks accommodate a child’s natural thirst for exploration and need for intellectual stimulation. Block play is formative play. In block play, children recognize and name geometric shapes and then put elements together to create new shapes. In making shapes, they see lines evolve and from the lines’ intersection-points. Further, in putting shapes, lines, points together – children assimilate information, build schemas, and create little worlds of their own. In taking their structures apart, children explore how single elements underlie all larger systems. A highly effective concentration exercise, block play really does build mental reasoning! It strengthens the ability to view the parts and the whole in a way that no other manipulative can match. With Haba, playing and learning are one cohesive unit. Haba’s line of playful “Exploring Math” manipulatives are based on the teachings of Froebel, the founder of Kindergarten and Adam Ries, an early German master of arithmetic. The Trapezoid Set contains 109 trapezoid-shaped pieces and a hexagon frame all made of high quality wood. It is excellent alone or as an addition to other Haba block sets. Haba Trapezoid Blocks For Formative Play and Mathematical Learning Builds Mental Reasoning Abilities Increases Concentration Promotes Creativity Refines Coordination Ideal for the Home or Classroom Beautifully Crafted for Generations of Play 109 Quality Hardwood Blocks Includes a Wooden Hexagon Frame Vibrant, Trapezoid-Shaped Pieces

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